Glenn McClellan, phd

What we don't work out in therapy,

typically we take out on people we love the most!

-David Allen, MD

Individual therapy

Dr. McClellan sets the tone for himself and the other therapists in his practice.  He sees individual therapy as an opportunity to improve  the quality of life for the client.  Whether the issue is overcoming obstacles such as anxiety, low self esteem, substance abuse  or depression, no one should walk alone.  From exploring painful experiences of shame or guilt to helping clients reach goals and make healthy decisions, Dr. McClellan is there, in the journey. He offers 35 years of  therapeutic experience, and with wisdom and compassion, helps clients find a way  toward healing.

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couples therapy

Many couples find it difficult to be in a long term committed relationship.  The problem often stems from a pattern of miscommunication that leaves both feeling lonely and hurt.  Conflict left unaddressed results in isolation, confusion, infidelity and divorce.  In Dr. McClellan’s office the couple finds a safe space to share matters of the heart.  Whether they have been suffering from a lack or emotional or physical intimacy, the therapist  encourages healthy dialogue between the partners.  Together with the therapist, the couple examines patterns of unproductive communication and behavior styles. Where did they come from?  Often times, we repeat bad behaviors we may have experienced growing up with our own parents.  Learning about our past helps to explain why do do and say the things we do in our current relationships.  Couples learn how to relate in healthier ways that offer healing and hope with one another going forward.

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Child & Adolescent Therapy

Child and Adolescent therapy in Dr. McClellan’s practice centers around providing a comfortable and safe environment for young clients.  This allows them to explore concerns that are causing them emotional, social or academic stress.  Parents are engaged and supported as part of the team to help their struggling child overcome unhealthy behaviors and beliefs, that both hold the child back and can disrupt their social relationships and  the family life.  

group therapy

Group therapy in Dr. McClellan’s office offers people an opportunity for clients to work out their problems by interacting with both a therapist and group of people struggling with similar issues.  The office setting is inviting and safe allowing each to share his own experiences.  Feedback and support comes from the therapist and the other group members allowing for personal growth.


Dr. McClellan is a certified executive coach who works with athletes and business executives to help them gain self awareness,  and clarify their  goals.  He helps them unlock their potential allowing them to be their best on the field and in the workplace.

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Short courses of  online instruction are offered throughout the year by Dr. McClellan.  These help individuals and couples in personal and relationship recovery.  

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